Barry Santa Sleigh

Find out more about our 2023 Santa Sleigh Routes, by clicking here.

Frequently asked questions:

Will Santa be stopping on my street?

Possibly. We do not get to every street in Barry but in the below question is a list of our routes and links to Facebook Events pages. Also, this year we have a zonal map which is available by clicking here. The map shows ALL our routes for 2023.

Santa is not coming down my street?

Due to the size of Barry and the limited number of times we are out, we are unable to get to every street in Barry. 

What is the difference from 2022 to 2023?

We are only doing 14 routes this year.

Why are there changes?

Barry Round Table is volunteer Group of men aged 18-45. We have seen a few members “age out” in the past couple of years plus due to family situation, some members are limited on what time they can give. In the past seven years we have expanded the Barry Santa Sleigh and have – in all honesty – stretched ourselves. Due to this we have taken the decision to limit our number of routes to ensure we can take Santa to see his fans around Barry plus give our member’s more time with their family in the build up to Christmas. 

What are the changes?

The key one is the reduction in Routes; we have 14 routes this year compared to 18
last year. 

We have 12 routes averaging around 5.50km each so we can go out on a week night and two Super Routes to go out on the weekend with a slightly earlier start time. We will be going to one or two areas we’ve not been before but some streets – which we have previously gone down – we will not this year. We will stop as close by to these areas as much as we can.

Some routes have also seen some parts moved to others. If you check our Zonal Map – You can zoom in, enter your postcode or Street Name to check which your street is on (or not) or which route is the closest to your home. Due to the changes in the routes we will not be going to some streets this year and adding in a handful of extra streets.

Are these changes permanent? 

At present we don’t know. We amended the routes for 2023 due to fewer members and our own family commitments. If we gain members in the future we hope to return to getting back to routes we used to do in the past.

Are Santa Stops precise stops?

Not quite. With Rudolph and the rest of the Reindeers resting for the big night the sleigh will be pulled by the Reindeer Van kindly provided by CJ Contract Travel. We will do our utmost to stop as close as possible to the location on the map but logistics – for example, lack of safe stopping space, traffic, safety – may mean the stop is slightly altered.

Each night we will have a Stop Sign Elf who will identify the safest place to stop as close to the Santa Stop as possible. If you see the Stop Sign Elf, follow him to the safest stopping place.

Are all routes guaranteed to be followed as per the Route Map?

Hopefully. However, there could be issues affecting the route. We will do what we can to follow the route as per the map but alterations may mean we have to alter the route. Once we start each route, we will launch the Santa Tracker so it is best to follow us on the tracker to check our progress.

What is the Santa Tracker?

Each night as we leave the start point, we will Turn On our Santa Tracker so you can check his progress along the Route. This is in case we have a cold or wet night you can follow Santa round and come to your window, door or Driveway to give Santa a wave. Should you exit the house we would advise wrapping up in warm clothing.

At what times can we expect to see Santa? 

Weekday routes begin at 6:30pm and runs until 9:30pm at the very latest To avoid missing Santa passing by, its best to follow Santa and his sleigh via the tracker shared on our social media.

Our two weekend super routes, Waterfront and West End will start at 5:00pm.

Can I take a photo of Santa?

Of course, feel free to take a photo (or a few) as Santa passes on his sleigh or come and see him at the scheduled Santa Stops where you may even get a high five. 

Why can’t Santa appear earlier/later?

The Barry Santa Sleigh is run entirely by volunteers, all of whom have full -time jobs and families, meaning we cannot get out earlier on weekdays. The sleigh is also at its best when it’s in the dark. 

The Santa Sleigh is aimed at younger children who need their sleep, and many of whom will have school the following day, which is why Santa disappears at the time he does.#

Will Santa be out regardless of the weather?

Santa will always try and get out regardless of the weather (even if it means him and his elves get soaked). However, Rudolph may in exceptional circumstances have to cancel Santa’s Sleigh going out due to:

  • Ice on the road,
  • Snow blocking roads,
  • Torrential and prolonged rainfall.

If its unsafe for Santa, his elves, the sleigh or members of the public to be out in extreme conditions then we will update you via our social media. We will try our upmost to return to the cancelled route where possible.

We missed Santa on our route?

If you miss Santa we are sorry. We will be travelling a total of 14 routes so if a friend or family member lives elsewhere you could visit them on an alternative route night to see Santa. 

Santa will also be making a number of other stops throughout the month, keep an eye on social media for updates.

Can I donate?

Yes please and Thank You for doing so. Our Supporters will have buckets for you donate cash (as well Buckets with sweets in case you have a sweet tooth) plus the Barry Round Table Elves will have a Sum Up card Readers in case you wish to donate via contactless payments. You can also donate via Paypal.

Can I donate other things?

Unfortunately not. If you wish to make a Food Bank or Toy Drive Appeal donation we’d advise contacting your local Food Bank or donating via designated shops.

Who runs the Barry Santa Sleigh?

The Barry Santa Sleigh is run by members of Barry Round Table, affiliated to the National Association of Round Tables. All members give up their time voluntarily to organise and run the sleigh every December.

How can I find out more about Round Table?

Round Table is a young man’s organisation for those aged 18 -45 that provides young men from the local area with a platform for social networking, getting involved in fun activities and events, as well as engaging with community – based activities like the Barry Santa Sleigh.

We are always looking for new members to help us #DoMore in our community and would welcome you along to an upcoming meeting or social event.